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The benefits and use of Trees

Following the great public interest being shown in local trees, especially when the general public becomes aware of mismanagement of urban trees, the FAA Tree Group is organising a seminar on Tuesday, 19 February 2013 in collaboration with the Attard Local Council, on the benefits and uses of trees.

Alfred E. Baldacchino, an environment manager and planner, will discuss Maltese native trees, highlighting their natural environment and their endangered status as well as threats to such indigenous trees from invasive species.

The seminar will also include information on the benefits of trees in reducing air and noise pollution, in supplying oxygen and the shade they give during the summer months. Trees can also contribute to Malta economy through boosting tourism and creating green jobs.

Antoine Gatt, a landscape architect will speak on trees in Maltese landscaping, with emphasis on how trees can contribute and improve our physical and psychological health, wealth and well being.

Alfred E. Baldacchino will also give a synopsis of the local regulations for the protection of Maltese trees and will be followed by time for discussion and refreshments.

The seminar starts at 6pm at the Attard Primary School, Hal Warda Street, Attard, however registration for the seminar open at 17.30 and participants are asked to be seated by 17.45.

Bookings are to be made on, or phone 27318792, or 79318792.