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ATM Art Competition at SO Galerie, sponsored by Mediterranean Bank

ATM means "Art that Matters", and it matters since it deals with our
emerging Artists... The artistic motivation in our youth.

It is or rather was, a competition, which led to an exhibition of 25
 works by 22 Artists, as it finally transpired.  A very young group 
of bubbling talent took to the challenge, where MCAST was a major 
ATM was launched following a lengthy exercise between a team from 
Mediterranean Bank, Artist Photographer David Pisani, and SO Galerie.

8 Artworks produced by David, were shown periodically in large 
format on SO Galerie's facade. Following this, they started 
thinking 'what's next?' and ATM came to be, with a goal to promote 
emerging artists, and to finally select 25 finalists and 7 winners.

ATM Art Competition Winners were as follows:-

First Place – Diane Buttigieg
Second Place – Jennifer Mallia
Runners-up – Charles Balzan, Claudia Chircop, Thea Vella, 
             Antoine Xuereb, Josef Zahra (runners-up are in no particular order)
The latter's works will, from next month, be selected for Mediterranean 
Bank's ATM advertising campaign printed on SO Galerie's prominent facade.

In the complete picture of the event, 60 Artists finally decided to 
partake: from Malta and Gozo (a very healthy participation) and 
other European countries.

The quality of the work was pervasively creative and different, 
where one could easily conclude that a great amount of thought went 
into it.

There is so much talent in our youth, that it continuously and 
inevitably filled me and the bank's team with a positive joy.  What 
struck me immensely is the depth of motivation Mediterranean Bank's 
team went into, to finally and not without difficulty, choose the 
finalists and winners, and one must keep in mind that such people 
often possess very little time to spare. It was an enjoyable 
experience for all!  To all who participated therefore, besides a 
heartfelt thanks, I would like to send a message of encouragement, 
for finally every moment we participate in, is in itself simply a 
step in one's Artistic Journey.  I would like to thank all who 
participated in this venture, with special thanks to Mr. Mark Watson, 
CEO Mediterranean Bank, for his continuous support”, stated Joseph S. Gauci, 
Director SO Galerie.

The exhibition is open at SO Galerie in Iklin until the end of 
April 2013.

See also for more details or!/sogalerie.iklin