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Passion Play in Ghajnsielem Gozo

In collaboration with the Ghajnsielem Local Council, Ghaqda Drammatika Ghajnsielem will be presenting the passion play The Accusation (L-Akkuza).

Hagar is a typical housewife living a common life with her husband and children. Only her friends and neighbors knew she existed. However when she ended up being accused of adultery everyone pointed their finger at her and she became the subject of judgment and accusations. But Jesus saved her from the harsh penalty of death by stoning. Jesus managed not only to save Hagar from a sure death but also to evade the trap set up by the leaders of the people. But what will happen to Hagar after her narrow escape from death? Will her husband believe her story that she was set up?

Ghaqda Drammatika Ghajnsielem was established in 1987 with the principal aim of producing activities connected with the Holy Week. JoAnne Debrincat, the director of this group, will be presenting this passion play with a cast of around 40 actors with various people being involved backstage.

The Accusation (L-Akkuza) will be staged at Independence Square, Ghajnsielem, Gozo on Sunday 24 March 2012 from 7.30pm onwards.

Entrance is FREE.
Seating for this performance will be on a first come first served basis.