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Skene presents yet another play for the Easter period tAMA (Hope), is an original one-act play written and directed by Andre Penza.

tAMA is not your typical, traditional Easter play. With their original scripts and creative ways of portraying the values and lessons which Good Friday evokes, Skene have always managed to deliver a fresh experience to its audiences.

Suffice to say that tAMA is set in and around Maltese Parliament, just after the general election that has overwhelmed the country for the past few months. The play revolves around the political class as an extension of Maltese society and culture, overlapped with Jesus message of hope and love. It addresses the difficulties our culture faces to reconcile the two scenarios.

The two parties, the Blacks and the Whites are at a standstill. As they bicker over petty arguments, the Whites come up with an astounding proposal to regain power… bring back Jesus as a means of mending the country’s problems. Will they manage to do it? What will this arrival mean for the Maltese, for the politicians and for the country? And where does religion fit in all this?

If you want an answer to all these questions, Skene invites you to the Metanoia Theatre in Luqa on the 23th, 24th and 27th March at 8pm.

The cast list includes Mark Mifsud, Joseph Fenech, Robert Cropp, Pamela Schembri, Andre Penza, Chris Penza, Karl Schembri, Frida Cauchi, Tiziana Calleja and Darren Gattand others together with newcomers and children from the Skene . are also special guests. With Sergio Costa co-ordinating lighting and audio-visual effects and Andre Penza directing, this event is assured to be a unique theatrical experience for the Lenten period.

Booking is now open on 7979 2424. Do not miss it.