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Il-Hajja xejn cool ta teenager jismu Julian is back

Il-Hajja xejn cool ta teenager jismu Julian is back on stage at St James Cavalier. After its success with young and older audiences in last November, Du Theatre Group and ZiguZajg Festival, are producing again the performance which portrays the life of Julian, an intelligent but naughty 14 year-old, whose life is a disaster and not cool at all.

Theatre critics too praised this innovative performance. The Times of Malta commented - A big bravo to all the cast for introducing many schoolchildren to theatre that is relevant, enjoyable and empowering. Whilst The Sunday Times of Malta said - It is a breath of fresh air.

Julian life is full of struggles - bad news from school, no luck in joining the Forms most popular gang, and to top it all, his mum and dad separated recently. However, Julian is also obsessed by Justin Artio, a character he created on RPG - fearless, brave and smart - basically he is all Julian wishes he was, but is not. Things get complicated when it seems that his mother has met someone, when the school gang starts noticing him, and its time for his O levels. Julian needs to take decisions. But which.  And how.  More importantly, what would Justin Artio do in his place.

The cast is made by Kurt Castillo, Elaine Saliba, Mark Mifsud, Stephanie Bugeja and Claudio Carta. Id-direttur hu Jean-Marc Cafa.

Written by Simone Spiteri, the play presents the audience with the difficulties encountered by teenagers during their daily life and is aimed at a 12 plus audience. The play is on at St James Cavalier from Friday 26 April till Sunday 28 April at 7.30pm.

Tickets cost 12 euros for adults and 8 euros for students.

For more information or ticket discounts for families and group call on 21223200 or visit