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L-Eku tas-Sirena

The latest novel by Charles Micallef St John.

What brings the Bajada and Magro families together. Two families with two completely different, opposing and contrasting lifestyles hailing from Xghajra and Zabbar respectively cross paths. 

Charles Micallef St John new novel in Maltese, L-Eku tas-Sirena (The Mermaids Echo) narrates the story of two families on the aftermath of World War Two. However the story has deeper roots and the author aptly takes the reader back to the crude past of these two families and the secret that joined them together, leaving a trail of tragedies and difficult situations but ably balanced with humour, which is a natural flair in the author, making this book yet another of the sort that you connot put down once you have started reading it.

Toni Bajada is a simple character, almost disinterested and oblivious to everything and everyone, except for his obsession with the sea fishing. His father, Karmnu, a highly skilled car mechanic was much more of a daredevil at his age - flirting with girls and leaving his mark with married English women. And then he met Grazzja, a quiet and shy girl who teaches religious doctrine. But the story did not start with these two, either.

Toni was not a common sort. He lives his infancy and boyhood years in a fantasy world to which he retreats even as an adult, engrossed in his own world full of secrets and thoughts which the author ably exposes in a tense narrative, page after page, culminating at the very end.

Yet again, Charles Micallef St John in his sincere, passionate, almost naive, yet crude and raw novel has again contributed another excellent piece of literature for the Maltese reader. After his best-selling quartet Suwed Ulied il-Lejl and his satire L-Olimpjadi tad-Dagha, Charles Micallef St John returns with another versatile, mature and original novel.

L-Eku tas-Sirena will hit the bookshelves in the coming weeks. However those wanting the book in advance can contact the author directly by calling 79429886 or sending an e-mail to  and secure their copy for a special offer pre-publication price of 10 euros.