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Nabucco deferred live from the Royal Opera House

Exclusively at the Eden Cinemas.

Starring Placido Domingo, Nabucco, will be showing deferred live from the Royal Opera House on Monday 29 April at 8.15pm, for one night only.

Showing at the Eden Cinemas, Giuseppe Verdi thrilling opera tells the epic tale of identity, exile and religion. Directed by Daniele Abbado, Nabucco will be sung in Italian and performed in four acts. English subtitles will also be screened in order to allow the audience to understand every element of the performance.

Sure to be an unforgettable opera, Nabucco is based on the biblical story of King Nebuchadnezzar and the imprisonment of the Hebrews. Audiences witness the king struggle against his unscrupulous daughter Abigaille, as well as his divine punishment and final salvation. Conductor Nicola Luisotti, together with the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House and the Royal Opera Chorus, will bring Verdi rich score to life, offering audiences melody, power and raw drama. Transforming the opera into a true masterpiece, the epic themes of faith and love are also explored.

With the extraordinary voice of Placido Domingo, together with Verdi rich and dramatic musical score, audiences are able to further enjoy the opera through the enhanced sound provided by Eden Cinemas. Giving the audience that authentic feel of the Royal Opera House, the dimmed theatre lighting continues to transform the evening into a magnificent experience. Being shown on a large screen, each emotion is beautifully captured. Containing some of the greatest choral music ever written, Nabucco is brought to life in a way that will leave audiences mesmerised by this breathtaking performance.

Tickets for Nabucco are priced at 23 euros per adult and 10 euros for individuals under the age of 16. Those attending will be offered a complimentary glass of wine, complimentary parking, as well as a 25 per cent discount at InterContinental restaurants upon presentation of their ticket.

For additional information about Eden Culture screenings and group discounts, interested parties are encourage to contact Eden Cinemas.  This event is sponsored by My Wyn.

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