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Painting Diaries by Matthew F. Cassar

An Exhibition questioning what we take for granted.

Painting Diaries by Matthew F. Cassar will open on the 26th April 2013 at Palazzo Ferreria, Republic Street, Valletta and will run for three weeks until 17th May. This exhibition is the culmination of a long-running project which attempted to redefine what all of us living on this small island, whether consciously or unconsciously, take for granted.

This project taking place mainly online, has been aiming to question and potentially break down   social limitations we find ourselves having to fight against on a daily basis. Breaking Barriers, the blog at explored several themes such as gender roles and the extreme measures which can be taken to break them down and the norms which we are presented within a local context. Topics were inspired from these contemporary discussions, mainly concerning social awareness while being substantiated with readings and observations from important artists and authors respectively. The themes which arose from the discussions and explored in this exhibition are religious moral in art, the creative process in art and discrimination within the local society.

The works which will be exhibited are the result of a combination between readings, observation of different types of artists and the interaction through Facebook and the online blog.  This exhibition will also be bringing the gap between the artist and the viewer closer with a focus on the interaction between visitors of the exhibition and the artist himself; giving visitors of this exhibition a more participative role.

Painting Diaries is Matthew F. Cassar first solo exhibition and it was only made possible through the Il-Premju tal-President ghall-Kreattivita 2011.  Matthew F. Cassar is a self taught artist, who at the start of the project worked mainly on figurative paintings. The artist, under the guidance of the Arts Angel provided by the award was urged to personalize more his works and experiment with his style, incorporating more contemporary techniques within his works. 

Nominations for this year Premju tal-President ghall-Kreattivita are now open till mid May. One can obtain more details by visiting the President website

This exhibition is also supported by Fimbank Ltd and Streat Whisky and bistro.
Painting Diaries will officially open on the 26th April at 7pm and will run for three weeks until 17th May. It will be open Monday till Friday 9.00 till 18.00 and Saturday 9.00 till 13.00. Palazzo Ferreria is the Ministry for Social Policy, located right opposite the site of the Old Theatre. This project has been supported by the Il-Premju tal-President ghall-Kreattivita 2011.