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Shooting Star

Extraordinary romantic comedy set to be one of the key hits this theatrical season.
St James Cavalier will be the setting for the most unusual and anticipated romantic comedy of the season.

Starring top local actors Taryn Butler and Edward Mercieca, the play tells the story of college lovers Elena Carson and Reed McAllister as they experience an unexpected and life-altering reunion when snowed in overnight at a middle-America airport.
In the years since they were together, Elena has stayed true to her hippie-ish, counter-culture path, while Reed has gone predictably corporate and conservative. As the night gives way to laughter, banter, remembrance and alcohol, Elena and Reed revisit a past that holds more surprises than they imagined – and a present that neither of them could have predicted.

We humans love stories, says director Chris Gatt, the man behind past successes including Don Huan and Ali Baba The Panto. And every once in a while, if you are lucky, you find a story that stands out from all the others. Steven Dietz Shooting Star is one of those stories. There are plenty of laughs in this very humorous tale, but at every important moment, every emotional high, every startling revelation, there is a lot of truth to be found. Stories told this well don't come around very often.

The play has received copious amounts of international praise. As the Austin Chronicle critic pointed out, Steven Dietz sends a tender valentine to middle-age in Shooting Star, a smart and sweet comedy from one of the American theatre most-produced playwrights. Dietz's gift as a writer is an acute attention to our modern language. He elevates ordinary conversation to a kind of music. Dietz makes reality poetic.

The St James theatre will provide the perfect setting for such an intimate production, one that is sure to see its audience experience a full range of emotions.

Filled with laughter and ache, Shooting Star all about the middle days of our lives, and how we got there, Mr Gatt continues. This show is that rare romantic comedy that is funny, but also charming, endearing, and not removed from reality. It is bittersweet, and ultimately redemptive.

Plus, with the strong cast we have in Edward and Taryn, two of Malta leading actors audiences can look forward to one of the clear highlights of this theatrical season.

Shooting Star is produced by F.M. Theatre Productions, the company renowned for past hit shows including renowned for past productions including Red, Allo Allo, Ali Baba The Panto and Cinderella The Panto.

It will run on 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14 April at St James Cavalier. Tickets are 17 euros and can be purchased online via or by calling 2122 3200.