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A Comprehensive History of the Popes

On the occasion of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the election of Pope Francis I Preca Publications of Blata l-Bajda have just published a new book penned by Anthony Spiteri and entitled  IL-PAPIET – L-istorja tal-papat tul is-sekli. The Popes – the history of the papacy through the centuries.

As the title indicates, the book comprises a compendium of all the popes from St Peter, the first pope, to the present one, Pope Francis. As addenda the book also includes information on all anti-popes, an interesting article about the papacy, and an  alphabetical index of all the popes.

In order that the reader be given the full truth on the men who sat on Peter chair during the years the book does not delve only on the popes who rendered honour to the Church of Christ through their wisdom and sanctity, but also on those who were not at all exemplary in their personal lives and in the way they administered the Church.

The book comprises 448 pages and has an attractive full-colour cover by graphic artist Warren Busuttil. It is selling at 15 euros both from Preca Library of Blata l-Bajda and other main outlets.