Chris and Moira Release New Single

A few years may have passed since their last official release 2008, as a matter of fact, was the year that their last single and local radio favourite Save me tonight was released. This of course in no way means that Chris and Moira had turned their backs on music. On the contrary, they have been busier than ever, performing live regularly including a guest appearance at the 2013 Eurovision Malta song contest and spending a lot of time getting creative in the studio. They have also boosted their line-up from a duo to a four-piece band in the process, with the band now also featuring Billy B on bass and Philip Borg Barthet on drums. 

The result of their hard work in the studio is a brand new album. Years in the making, it is presently getting some last-minute tweaks before the final go-ahead comes through. Until then, the band has released a brand new single, Flight 170 which marks a fresh chapter in Chris and Moira musical career.  

The song was written with a comical approach, a bit like wanting to send everyone to hell instead of the usual love story lyrics. Rolling in with a fairground type of chime, the song quickly picks up the pace, pushing ahead over a solid rock backbeat and a catchy melody that is as immediate as it is powerful.  It is rather different from what people might have expected from us, Chris commented,  and it is also quite different from the rest of the album, which I would say is more ‘us’ but sounding fresher than ever before.  

Flight 170 is available to stream on Chris and Moira YouTube channel. The single is also available to buy as a digital download on iTunes.  

For more information, visit the Chris and Moira page on Facebook.