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Dar Qalb ta Gesu Family FunFest Weekend

Dar Qalb ta Gesu at present offers shelter to women and children who have experienced domestic violence. This service has come about through an agreement made in 2001 between the Archdiocese of Malta and the State. Known locally as L-Istitut ta Cini, this second stage shelter is a very large town house with a beautiful and spacious central courtyard as well as a small chapel that is a jewel in itself.

This house welcomes women and children referred from the emergency shelters by the Domestic Violence unit of Agenzija Appogg. The objective is to help mother and children to regain their self esteem and skills to move on to independent life away from violence. Every mother and her children are accommodated in a flat built in an area set aside for this shelter which we now call Programm Sebh. Each flat is furnished with basic amenities such as bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen dining area and living area. The residents look after their flatlet and are expected to keep certain standards of cleanliness. These last few years the adminstration embarked on two projects which involved a lot of expense, namely the refurbishment of the flatlets and the setting up of a Day Care Centre. Moreover maintenance works in the flatlets are an ever ongoing process.

You will appreciate that these two initiatives call for a great amount of investment which Dar Qalb ta Gesu has to find finance in order to continue in its mission.

To this end, amongst other things, Dar Qalb ta Gesu is organizing a Family Fun Fest Weekend on the 15th and 16th June 2013 at 495, St. Joseph High Road, St. Venera. During this event, amongst other events and entertainment, we are also organizing a raffle to boost our funds.

Dates are 15 and 16 June, 2013
Venue at Dar Qalb ta Gesu, St Venera
Time from 9am till 10pm