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Into Summer - So Galerie’s Summer 2013 Art Collection

This year’s gallery choice to plunge its space into the summer heat.

Fourteen artists, from the gallery’s own archive, dating from 1988 to 2013.

Time that ran into hours, into days, weeks and months of conversation and often unavoidable inhaled smoke [of all sorts], just to begin to make some sense of the meaning pertaining to each work, and so to the life of the artists themselves.

Here, in such a passage of time, art recieves value and transcends what is visual and what is usually percieved as decorative by many, into what is rightfully intended to be evocative.

This is not unlike seeing a beautiful woman [or whatever might take your interest] for the first time [the esthetically decorative] and getting to know what truly lies within her soul in a longer time frame.

Cities and towns from London to Kiev and Valletta to Podgorica, set stage for these artists’ human experience, stirring the soup of emotions, that finally creates this Art [and all other].

An experience which, notwithstanding where it derives from, differs very little in the resonating aspects of the interchanging  play of human pain and joy.

The journey through this often colourful trail of works exhibited at SO Galerie, starts with a large mirror relief, reflecting pieces of the viewer surrounded by imaginative structures and bright colours and followed almost immediately by three works on canvas, where one needs to be alert enough to ‘catch the culprit in the act’ (1).

Seascape fine art photos on silver gelatine paper leave one in awe of a melancholy that provokes stillness within (2).

A glazed ceramic nine-piece pannel’s figure forms and colours can only be attributed to one artist, who’s artworks will be perpetually linked to those of Passmore and Miro(3).

En-route to a  combustive explosion of colours of two female artists’s landscapes varying from one bordering on abstract form (4) and the other, a variegation of lines and patches showing the likes of a Valletta, unaltered by recent developements (5), are ten troop sculptures whose artist’s touch is easily recognisable to many (6).

A show of 60 artworks in all. A collection worth seeing. 

This exhibition will be open until the end of July.  August viewing is by appointment only by calling on 9942 4020 or 9935 3299.  More information can be found on or SO Galerie, Triq Dun Karm, Iklin.

(1) Liliana Fleri Soler  (2) David Pisani  (3) Gabriel Caruana (4) Anna Nihgtingale (5) Svetlana Dragojevic (6) Andrew Diacono (7) Pierre Giusti (8) Armen Vahramyan (9) Oksana Veber (10)  Vzeg Tamazian (11) Edvard Nikornov (12) Ashot Asatrian (13) Andrew Micallef (14) Seyran Gasparian