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The Malta International Food Festival

Many people associate the city of Zabbar with our Lady of Graces and the synonymous feast in the first days of September. It is either that or the Vulcan disaster or the berries. For the first time ever, Zabbar will come alive for a new festival The Malta International Food Festival.

Endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism and Parliamentary Secretariat for Local Government and Culture, and organised in collaboration with the new Zabbar Local Council, this concept is being enmeshed in the now-established Lejla Belt Hompesch. For one night only, on the 1st June 2013, Zabbar will be hosting professional chefs, who will be showcasing food from six different areas of the world.

Spreading from Sanctuary Street all the way to St. James’ Square colloqually known as il-Misrah, all those attending can buy and taste freshly-prepared American, Asian, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and Maltese food. The culture action team set up within the local council as part of the new open governament system and headed by the new Zabbar Mayor, Quinton Scerri will be carefully decorating the deisgnated food areas to give the visitors the opportunity to virtually transport themselves to the countries and regions being depicted through the culinary expertise of the chefs.

Two stages will be set up in the old Bus terminus colloqually known as il-Venda and in St James Square. Those attending will be entertained by four guest bands on the night. A special children area will be set up next to the American Arena. Bouncy Castles, face-painting and other activities will be the delight and the main attractions for the kids.

Apart from all of this, Zabbar will be given a temporary facelift with Pavilions and special conceptual lighting to make the event even more memorable. This is being done with the tight-knit collaboration of the two band clubs as well as the Grupp Armar, which is the backbone behind the spectacular street decorations of the Zabbar Feast.

In an innovative twist, an Open Mic session is being held in the two main Band clubs. This is going to be open for all singers, double acts and small bands from all over the island.

Speaking about this new initiative of national importance, Quinton Scerri, Mayor of Zabbar says that the team is so enthusiastic about this new festival. This is part of an ambitious project which shall establish a new calendar of cultural and social activities in our city. I truly believe in the rich values of our locality and I am committed to introduce a new era which shall put Zabbar back on the list of Malta best villages.
Apart from the international food, the bars of the area will be setting up shop outside as Sanctuary Street will be pedestrianised for the night. A special bus service is being negotiated with Arriva Malta with Park and Ride arrangements. Further details will be announced later.

The Malta International Food Festival, is being held on the 1st June 2013 from 19.00hrs onwards.

Date is Saturday 1 June, 2013
Time from 7pm till 12am
Venue at Zabbar