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Umbra Striga

Drama that delves into the unknown and beyond.

When you think that life is good and tranquil, you could be wrong.  Terror is about to begin.

Rowen Cutajar, a 34 year old man and his girlfriend, Mandy Cacciattolo they share a good life between them. Even though they have always loved each other, Mandy cannot help but feel that Rowen is keeping something from her. Something which is causing them to drift apart.

Could he still be in love with Svetlana. This thought often goes through Mandy mind, even though Svetlana has been dead for 16 years.

Delma, 17 years old, Rowen and Svetlana daughter, has always looked at Mandy as she were a parasite.  Someone who is trying to take her mother place, and eventually, even her own place in Rowen heart. Delma has always resented Mandy, however, things are about to get even more complicated after Mandy announced that she is carrying Rowen child.

Rachel, a woman whose obsessed with Rowen, does whatever it takes to get his attention, yet nothing works, and Rowen and Mandy will love each other for the years to come. However, Rachel does not stop at anything. She is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she believes is hers.

Along with two of her friends, Jamie and Katya, Rachel turns to the dark arts of witchcraft and the girls practice their powers to get what they want.  Whatever means necessary.

At a later stage Jessica joins the group. She is Rowen step sister. Jessica joins the group because ever since she was a child, she has always felt like she is smaller than her brother, thus she tries to boost her confidence by practising witchcraft.

She meets a boy Walter Micallef, who falls desperately in love with her.

Umbra Striga is a play which is rich in style and although it has a dark subject which holds your attention, it grips the audience to search for more and beyond.

The script is written by Justin Sean.  This performance is being produced by imagin-Arts Drama Group as part of the end-of-term performances held in July. It is directed by Ivan De Battista. It is going to be held at Marija Assunta Secondary School, Hamrun, on Sunday 7th July 2013, starting at 8pm. Other short plays are being held beforehand, both for Juniors and Intermediate classes. Tickets at the door.

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