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Iljieli Mellehin 2013

The sixth edition of the Iljieli Melleħin (Mellieħa Nights) organised by Mellieha Local Council will be taking place between Friday 16th August 2013 and Sunday 18th August 2013. The main roads and main squares of Mellieħa are pedestrianised for the occasion and turned into a celebration for the whole family to enjoy. These three nights are a showcase of all that Mellieħa has to offer, and more.

The opening night will feature a concert by the a Queen Tribute Band. Over the next two nights the highlights include arts, music, culture, sports and food. Other attractions include a Disney Parade and other children’s animations, top local artists singing on the two different stages as well as street arts. Artists will be displaying and working on their works of art in front of all those present. For those who are car enthusiasts there will be a number of static car and motor shows, an off-roading show, a national car sound competition, and another national drifting competition.

But this is not all, the 2000 year old Mellieħa Sanctuary will be open to the public and choral concerts will be given in this idyllic environment. Also, the World War II shelters will be available with guided tours for the public. The main streets will be transformed as restaurants will put out their tables and chairs and patrons can dine outside al fresco while enjoying a tasty meal provided by such top notch restaurants.

The main protagonists of these three nights will be the local NGO’s who will be setting up and manning stands selling different types of food and drinks to all those present. These NGO’s form the backbone of the Mellieħa community, and as such their input is a very important one.

Everyone is encouraged to attend to this annual event in Mellieħa which showcases Mellieħa at its best.