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Ohloq Tbissima Marathon 2013

The 11th edition of  the Ohloq Tbissima Marathon starts on Friday 12th July 2013 at noon.  This is a 60 hour live broadcasting marathon organised by CAM Productions international CPi, the Production House within the Missionary Society of St. Paul MSSP, with an aim to raise funds for the missions in the care of MSSP Priests in Peru, Pakistan and the Philippines and also for St. Joseph Home in St. Venera and Evangelisation through the media.

The marathon will be inaugurated by the President of Malta Dr. George Abela  and Archbishop Paul Cremona.  Fr. Louis Mallia mssp, MSSP Regional Superior and Director of CAM and CPi will also give his welcome speech.

The opening mass starts at 1.15pm.  The Childrens Corner named WOW starts at 3.00pm.   Actors  will try their luck at Staqsini 20, which starts at 5.35pm and which will be presented by Ray Calleja.  A joke competition will start at 7.05pm.  Another competition Dancing with the Stars  - a competition between professional dancers and actors and singers, starts at 8pm. 

The evening variety show,  with the participation of many popular local singers starts at 9pm and carries on till midnight. This will be presented by Stephanie Spiteri, Ryan Borg and Marica Caruana Smith.

This varied programme carries on even during the night.  At 00.30am mass will be celebrated.  Rosary will be recited at 4am.   Another Mass will be celebrated at 6pm followed by the The Breakfast show at 7am.

On Saturday morning at 10am, Prime Minister Dr. Joseph Muscat and Opposition Leader Dr. Simon Busuttil together with Members of Parlament will visit the Marathon.  They will participate in an activity wherein hampers will be filled with food.  These will eventually be sent to Peru by container. 

The Youth Talent Show,  starts at 10.20am. At noon actors will participate in a game of Musichiere trying their luck at guessing the name of a piece of music.   Rebha kull Minuta will start at 12.55pm and Staqsini 20 will start at 1.55pm followed by the The Childrens Corner, with the participation of various childrens choirs and dance companies at 3pm. 

The Joke Competition starts at 5.35pm, followed by the Bands corner at 6.30pm.  The Dance Competition starts at 7.50pm, followed by the evening variety show which starts at 9pm.  This carries on till midnight. 

Again during the night activities will carry on.  At 00.30am mass will be celebrated.  This will be followed by discussion, and the recital of the Rosary at 4.30am.  The Breakfast Show presented by Marthese Brincat starts at 6.30am.

The Sunday Morning mass will be celebrated at 9am and will be broadcast live on TVM2, ONE TV,  NET TV and also Favourite TV.

A quiz by the name Urini xtaf starts at 10.15am.  The participants for this quiz being members of Parliament from both sides of the Cabinet.

The Youth Corner will start at 11.55am. Frank Zammit will present Staqsini 20 at 2pm.  WOW, the childrens’ Variety Show starts at 3pm.  Musichiere  starts at 5.35pm followed by extracts from DREAMS at 6.30pm.  The Final of the Dancing with the Stars competition starts at 7.50pm.

During the Marathon we will get the chance to watch various features about St. Joseph Home, Peru, Pakistan and the Philippines. Through links with Skype we will also get a chance to meet the missionaries working in MSSP missions abroad.

Throughout the Marathon there will be various links with Favourite TV, NET TV and ONE TV.  The marathon is being streamed live in its entirety on CPi website

Anyone wishing to make a donation may phone on
10 euros – 51602004, 15 euros – 51702007, 25 euros – 51802009.
SMS 4.66 euros - 50618099