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Pietra and Stone by Artist Anna Runefelt

There is Nature in its many forms, and then there’s us, intrinsically part of it all.

Pietra is the woman in this collection of fine art photography, but ‘pietra’ is also stone in Latin, and is stone not a foundation of nature ? Is it not where we all tread, where life’s drama unfolds?

Anna places her model within the stony worlds of Ghar Qawqla Gozo, and the more urban set-ups, of both dilapidated, and more orderly living spaces in 2 Valletta streets - St Ursola and Old Bakery.

Travelling along the route of 21 Artworks, exotic old dressware dissolves into the pure beauty of Pietra’s body.

Specific colours dominate morsel groups of Photos - in some turquoise walls , the peachy creamy  of the exotic dress and a long dark pink cloth in others, and last but not least the yellow of the sun drenched rocks in the Gozo shots, where Pietra’s painted body seems to literally integrate with the mustard stone structures hewn by the hand of the wind.

The exhibition titled Pietra and Stone is currently on show until the end of September 2013  in the lobby of Hotel Juliani, Spinola Bay. It consists of Fine Art Photographs by Anna Runefelt and has been curated by SO Galerie.

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