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See The Islands Through My Maltese Guide

Brilliant new app guides users across Malta and Gozo in a fun and humorous way, offering a plethora of information, reviews and offers to help them make the most of their holiday. 

Travellers are constantly on the look out for new, exciting and cost-effective ways to see the places they visit. As a result, in-app travel guides that can be downloaded to mobile phones or tablets quickly and easily have soared in popularity.  

Launching Malta most dynamic travel app to-date, Stephen Place, the entrepreneur behind the successful My Irish Guide app that launched last year, explains that My Maltese Guide is a perfect fit for tourists to our islands.

The ethos behind our guides is that they need to be great fun and very useful, he says. I have been living in Malta for around eight months now and have become very familiar with it.

So, when I saw how many people were enjoying the innovative mix of audio and text on My Irish Guide in Ireland, my team worked on a niche concept for Malta. The results are hugely promising and we have already seen a surge in downloads from people around the world.

Between research and development, it took around three months to put the app together. The team chose to take an innovative and light-hearted approach, with snappy audio walk-throughs, easy-to-read text guides, bar and restaurant recommendations, and fantastic in-app offers for discounts and savings.

While there are some good apps out there for Malta already, I did not feel they summarised Malta history, popular culture and sense of fun effectively enough, Mr Place continues.

The fact that this is, primarily, an audio guide makes it very different. Most people think audio is boring but we have challenged that stereotype completely. We even went so far as to make Malta charismatic Gianni Zammit the voice of the guide, and he has sprinkled his own unique sense of humour and style into the final product.

The results will surprise you. Its even a fun way for locals to see their home country with fresh eyes, they will relearn everything they were taught at school, but this time with a pinch of salt and a few good laughs. It really does offer an effective window onto life in Malta and will help people to get a true taste of the many brilliant things that are on offer here.

My Maltese Guide is available on the Google Play Store and iTunes at a nominal charge. Once purchased, all in-app features are included, namely, four audio tours, two walking tours and two driving tours.