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Spectacular Fireworks displays at the Grand Harbour

Spectacular Fireworks displays at the Grand Harbour for the Vittoriosa Festa.

On the occassion of St. Lawrence Day, Patron Saint of the Maritime City of Vittoriosa, once again you can enjoy, the annual spectacular fireworks show, so called La Notte Di San Lorenzo at the Grand Harbour.

This particular evening has become one of the most important events in the local pyrothecnic calendar and apart from that, one of the best family outings during these peak Summer nights.  The show is being organised as usual by the 10 August 2013 Pyrothecnic Association of Vittoriosa and will be held on Friday 9 August, 2013 St. Lawrence Festa eve near the Vittoriosa Regatta Club, Kalkara Creek.

This particular Summer night which leads to 10 August St. Lawrence Day,  is so popular in Italy.  Each year, the Italians await this particular night which is known as La Notte di San Lorenzo to witness the famous shooting stars.  These shooting stars are also known as Le Lachrime di San Lorenzo, St Lawrence tears, or else  Il Fuoci di San Lorenzo St. Lawrence fire to symbolise the sufferings of the Saint during his martrdym which happened 1755 years ago,  in the year 258,  on this particular night at Rome.
The Vittoriosa Festa is more renowned for the unique street decorations rather than for the fireworks displays.  However, even fireworks enthusiasts admit, that although this locality hasnt its own fireworks factory, there has always been spectacular fireworks shows for the annual celebrations in honour of St. Lawrence.

The last five years are still being mentioned by everyone who has been at the Grand Harbour as great, exciting and spectacular. Three years ago, an international fireworks company – Orzella Fireworks from Italy participated also in this annual event.

This year La Notte di San Lorenzo will kick off at 22 hrs.  All those attending are encouraged to reach Sally Port at Kalkara Creek where there will be also the sound system and not just enjoy the evening from any other vintage point as they cant enjoy the music which will be accompanying the fireworks displays. Nearby the Vittoriosa Regatta Club there will be special light effects and a small stage from where the comperes Ruth Frendo and Dorian Cassar will give a live commentary both in Maltese and even in English.

The show starts with a fireworks syncronised to the overture of the popular musical Mamma Mia of the legendary Abba. Soon after, the programme continues with the traditional one by one fireworks, including multi break crackered shells and multi break coloured shells.  The gran finale will be another show of fireworks syncronised to music, this time to songs by the popular singer Adele, the movie soundtrack Skyfall and the famous song Set Fire to the rain.

The pyro musical displays are going to be co-ordinated by the 10 August Fireworks Association and will be fired with the most renowned technological system - Pyrodigital. The traditional fireworks have been manufactured by St. Joseph Fireworks Factory of Kirkop and the St. Andrew’s Fireworks Factors of Luqa.

All those attending for this fireworks evening, can reach the venue via Kalkara gate and then first turning on the left.   Nearby to Kalkara Gate there’s also a large parking area Fortini Football Ground. 

From 8 hrs onwards, as a prelude to the fireworks show, along the venue there will be a parade by Tama Tnabar, the popular violinist Mario Ciantar and the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Band of Balluta.

The eve of the Vittoriosa festa is only a prelude for the festa day which is so beloved by all Vittoriosa residents – 10 August – St. Lawrence Day.  The fact that this particular festa is always held on the 10 August and not necessary on a weekend, sometimes attracts more people than the usual weekend festas which are held around Malta.

Apart from La Notte di San Lorenzo, there will be also other fireworks displays for the same occasion such as on Thursday 8 August at 20.30 hrs and on Friday 9 August at 9.30 hrs and at 18.30 hrs. But the climax will be definetly on Saturday 10 August  where at 19.15 hrs there will be a daylight fireworks display which will be also fired by the Pyrodigital system.  From that time till 23 hrs, there will be also continuous shows of daylight and coloured shells on the occassion of St. Lawrence Day.

Regarding fireworks manufacturers, apart from those already mentioned, fireworks have been also manufactured by the 25 November Fireworks Factory of Zejtun, St. Joseph Fireworks Factory of Ghaxaq, St. George’s Fireworks Factory of Qormi, St. Joseph Fireworks Factory of Zebbug and St. Mary Fireworks Factory of Mqabba.  The St. Joseph Fireworks Factory of Kirkop will present a ground fireworks display which will be held exactly after La Notte di San Lorenzo at around 23.30 hrs at the Vittoriosa Marina.

La Notte di San Lorenzo 2013 is going to be held thanks to St.Lawrence External Festivities Committee, the main sponsor – JAC Steel, SVS Leisures,  Olde City Pub, the Hon. Minister Joe Mizzi, Cassar Ship Repair, Sound Solutions, Audio Sound System, MCP Car Park, Toqba Bar and Take Away, Cilia Bulding Contractors, Fava Woodworks, Melvin Degiorgio Photography, A & S Sign Services, the Birgu Local Council, All Care Insurance, Malta Maritime Authority, the Police Authorities, Heritage Malta, Pyrodigital Malta, Sezzjoni Zghazagh Palmizi and the Cottonera Waterfront Group.

Date is Friday 9 August, 2013
Venue near the Vittoriosa Regatta Club, Kalkara Creek