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Aron Tanti gets the Positive Person Award

For somebody who is brought up in a family where hunting and trapping are part and parcel of everyday life, it is no wonder that birds end up to be a pure passion. This is the case of Aron Tanti, a full-time computing teacher, with a particular zeal, for shooting wild birds, with a difference. Instead of a shotgun, Aron opts for a photo camera, an instrument that apart from not harming his beloved feathered-friends in any way, makes it possible for him to share his catch with all those who want to enjoy the priceless jewels that form our local natural treasure.

Although birds are the main reason that convince Aron to go out and about, once outdoors, his attention is often shared with other natural wonders, including the very vast variety of wild floral species. Unfortunately, many locals tend to argue that our archipelago lacks natural beauties, but Aron tends to challenge this argument through his lens. Many believe that an image is worth a thousand words, hence, using simple arithmetic, a thousand images should make a strong argument!

Nature photography is a very challenging task, very time consuming, and always unpredictable, but it can also be extremely rewarding. You might go out with the intention of shooting a large bird, such as the Grey Heron, but end up shooting the smallest European bird, the Goldcrest.

The time of year, the time of day, the direction of the wind, the location, the weather, and luck, are all important aspects that determine whether a bird-watching session is successful or not. Today, Malta can boast of a number of very good local publications that one may refer to in order to become familiar with the subject.

Having a powerful zoom lens is important, as it will give you the opportunity to get close-up views of the sometimes minute subjects, but there is no need to invest a fortune in professional lenses in order to start practicing such a hobby. Concealing oneself, and waiting for the subjects to get closer, is usually the best way to admire and photograph wild animals. In a number of cases, the car might reveal itself as a very good hide out from which one can photograph species that usually do not allow the approach of humans on foot.  Visits to any of our nature reserves, especially Ghadira and Simar, offer the opportunity to admire a good number of species from one of the hides, at a relatively close range, in a natural environment. Alternatively, a visit to Buskett in the afternoon during the month of September, may turn out to be an unforgettable experience due to the number of birds of prey that gather to roost in and around this particular spot, particularly Honey Buzzards and Marsh Harriers.

Being such a highly populated country, Malta is quite limited as regards to where one can practice the hobby of bird-watching, and especially bird photography. This is especially so, because quite a number of locals tend to consider anyone with a big lens roaming the countryside, as a spy, an untrusted figure that ideally is not to be seen again, even if the land is not private. This does not mean that all locals are as such, but unfortunately, the positive attitude of many, is very often blemished by that of some. Hopefully, through education, political will, and effective law enforcement, the situation will eventually get better.

Photography offers the possibility to freeze a moment for eternity, in a way that one can share his catch with others. Aron’s catch can be enjoyed on, with the most recent shots available on Aron Tanti’s facebook page. What is destroyed today, cannot be enjoyed tomorrow, hence let us all appreciate what we have, so that we are in a better position to protect our priceless natural treasures.


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