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Four Rooms - A project by Ritty Tacsum

Four Rooms is a visual art project by experimental photographer Ritty Tacsum. In this project, her psyche, body and life relationships will be dissected, analysed and presented before the viewer in an often crude, alarming, yet also poignant and intimate fashion. This project aims to present, chiefly through visual means, the layered and developmental process entailed when forming human relationships.

In conjunction with this exhibition, Ritty has commissioned author Loranne Vella to write a four-part short story directly inspired by the exhibition theme and concept. This will be presented in the accompanying exhibition publication, which was designed by Julian Mallia.

The whole project is being overseen by architect and exhibition designer Claudia Vella.

Four Rooms will be on show to the public between October 18 and November 10, 2013, at St James Cavalier’s, upper galleries.

The project is supported by The Malta Arts Fund, St. James Cavalier and ILab.

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Date is Thursday 17 October 2013
Venue at St James Cavalier
Time at 7.30pm