Launch of FMYT

Training programme will offer unmatched opportunities and paid work to local up-and-coming performers, as part of the popular FM Youth Theatre.

Young people looking to expand their knowledge and experience of the performing arts will be given a new platform later this month, with the launch of the FMYT.
Run by FM Theatre, the company behind recent hits including Red, Shooting Stars, Cinderella The Panto and Allo Allo, FMYT is a youth theatre programme that runs alongside the FM Youth Company.

The concepts stems from the realisation that the local arts industry is constantly seeking to better standards of performance, explains Jean-Marc Cafa, FMYT coordinator. We know that young performers want to take their training to the next level, and they require the option to do exactly that!

Thus, FM Theatre – which is run by renowned actors Edward and Marika Merceica – has created a system wherein young people wishing to be part of a company may do so, and may be paid for their work. However, they will also be required to undergo rigorous training to ensure they meet the desired standards and produce good quality work.

The programme will include weekly acting, singing and dance sessions that strive towards the creation of triple threat performers, and will expose those involved to the many styles and aspects of musical and straight theatre.

Our sessions will also be complemented by a series of related workshops conducted by local professionals in the arts industry, as well as a number of arts projects and performances, continues Mr Cafa. Modules and projects will work hand-in-hand to equip our performers will a formidable set of tools and the ideal mindset with which to approach the performance industry.

Throughout the year successful entrants will receive training twice a week, with classes given by Mariza Baldacchino for dance and Cathy Lawlor for singing, as well as Mr Cafa for acting.

Meeting twice a week will give the trainees the opportunity to build stamina, develop chemistry and hone their skills, especially as the group will be working towards two or three performances per year alongside their education. This really is an exciting opportunity, and we look forward to enjoying the process and results of this unique project, he adds.

Auditions for FMYT will take place on Monday 16 September at 8.30pm at St James Cavalier, Valletta, and the programme will kick-start in October. FMYT is open to anyone and everyone over 18 and training will take place weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays.