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Turandot – Live from the Royal Opera House

Opening Eden Culture new season of stunning operas and ballets is Puccini magnificent opera, Turandot. Showing exclusively at the Eden Cinemas on the 17 September at 8.15pm, the production is to be transmitted live from London Royal Opera House. Both enchanting and delightful, Andrei Serban spectacular production of the dark Oriental fairytale is brought to life with Sally Jacob outstanding sets, elaborate masks and authentic costumes inspired by traditional Chinese theatre.

The dramatic yet sublime opera tells the tale of disguised identities, riddles, ritual executions and a powerful, triumphant love. Making her Royal Opera debut on the night is one of greatest Turandot singers today, Lise Lindstrom. Joining her on the stunning stage of the Royal Opera House is Marco Berti, a wonderful Puccinian singer, in the role of Prince Calaf.

With the many remarkable voices being showcased, together with Turandot rich score, audiences are able to truly appreciate each musical note, by means of the enhanced sound within the theatre. Giving the audience that authentic feel of the Royal Opera House, the dimmed theatre lighting continues to transform the evening into a magnificent experience. Being shown on a large screen, the pure emotions of this dark yet captivating tale are beautifully captured. Ensuring a marvellous evening, audience will be left mesmerised by this most spectacular performance, whilst paying a fraction of that charged overseas for theatre tickets.

Tickets for Turandot are being sold at 23 euros for adults and 10 euros for individuals under the age of 16. Making the evening a night to remember, the audience is offered a complimentary glass of wine, complimentary parking and a 25 per cent discount at Waterbiscuit upon presentation of their ticket. For additional information about Eden Culture screenings and group discounts, interested parties are encourage to contact Eden Cinemas.

This event is sponsored by My Wyn and Waterbiscuit.

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