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Vampires - Chris & Moira's latest single

Flight 170 was a most appropriate name for Chris & Moira to pick for their last single. Released last May, the song marked the band’s return after a 5-year hiatus and, while the title is actually never mentioned in the lyrics, the song itself did play a pivotal role in the way the band’s presence within the local scene has taken off once again. That however, was last May, and Chris & Moira are now back with a brand new single, Vampires, as well as a rather interesting music video to accompany it.

And just as Flight 170 wasn’t really about flying, Vampires has nothing to do with blood-sucking creatures; it also never shows up in the song’s lyrics so, you may be asking, what’s it all about exactly?  “It’s really all wrapped up in the expression of the song”  Moira explains. “There’s an intensity in the ‘story’ that the verses are portraying and the meaning lies between the lines, its very imaginative…..its also the way that the vocals are projected. It is all about the good side of life overcoming the bad.”  If this doesn’t sound all too clear, that’s because it’s not meant to be.

Ambiguity, negativity, doubt and even some positivity to balance everything out – all are present in the song, and they somehow transcend the lyrical context and permeate the entire song and its dynamic. Musically, this is reflected in the way the song’s rhythms change throughout its duration, leading to an exciting build-up. To an extent, Vampires may well be one of the most elaborate and neoteric songs Chris & Moira have written to date.

And if all that hasn’t whetted your appetite yet, there’s the music video to feast on. A project realized with the collaboration of students from MCAST Art and Design and supported by the Malta Arts Fund, the video does take a subliminal cue from the song title but, as with the song, it also doesn’t paint too clear a picture, leaving any interpretation up to the viewer. Suggestive of a Gothic scenario, the visuals take in not only the band as it performs the song,  but also various different movements - a troupe of dancers, drummers, rays of light – that punctuate the different rhythm changes the song goes through.

Vampires can be streamed at Chris and Moira’s You Tube channel. The single is also available to buy as a digital download on iTunes. For more information, visit the Chris and Moira page on Facebook.

Chris & Moira would like to thank Steven Vella, Ian Attard, Daniel Bugeja, , Nicolai Aquilina, Joshua Azzopardi, Shawn Camilleri, Daniel Schembri, and Marylin Scicluna (MCAST), Michela Scicluna, Diane Briscoe, Jade Farrugia, Anthea Zammit, Warren Bonello, Daniel Casingena, Marley Lagana and Sylvester (dancers), Malta Arts Fund, Beauty Culture, Sharon Bellizzi and Karen Abela, Mikaela Borg Barthet, Lilly Krusteva  (hair and makeup), Sigmund Mifsud, Michael Aquilina,  Leonard Falzon, Giovan Baldacchino and Charles Aquilina for all their help, PIXEL SERVICES (dvd/single cover) and Alexandra Carboneras (Artwork)