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Silhouette – Tops Box Office for October at Eden Cinemas

Starting off with a sold out Premier on the 18th October, Mark Doneo's Silhouette turned out to be the surprise number one movie for the month of October at the Eden Cinemas, topping all other films, both foreign and domestic. The movie, filmed entirely in Malta with local cast and crew, tells the story of a professional car thief trying to make amends with his family. The movie, which exceeded expectations in box office for October, features numerous fast cars, kickboxing and illegal street racing.  It also boasts a soundtrack made up entirely of local rock bands featuring Winter Moods’ newest single, ‘Days of My Life’.

The feedback and enthusiasm shown by thousands of cinemagoers was definitely satisfying, most particularly for the cast and crew of Silhouette. Director and Producer Mark Doneo expressed his gratitude and stated that though he always knew that his movie would go down well with audiences, he can't help but feel humbled and grateful for the way people responded to the characters he created. “I mean when an auditorium full of people explodes into applause as soon as the end credits start to roll, you can't help but feel blessed and lucky at the same time.  It's been great!”