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TwistTease - Maltese Iconography with a Twist

TwistTease - Maltese Iconography with a Twist

Landscapes and Local themes....

Usually, if it starts this way I am more or less no longer interested in proceeding...

In this case though, I found something different in the way the Artist gave significance to what has become 'a too normal a subject' amongst the local Art scene [since at least 10 to 15 years ago !]

The style depicted in TwistTease is just 'simply different' and on the opening night I noticed how often it was pointed out, and accentuated to be so by many of the viewers.

I pick one of the works and pop a Question to the Artist :
'so here is a Chapel in the country side ; what else is it ?'
She almost seems to hesitate initially, but proceeds :
' you see normally the chapel would be the main object in such a work, but is it in this case ? No, the vegetation in front of it seems to be the dominant factor... '

Vegetation a protagonist above a holy place ?

' yes, for me the vegetation personifies various people, and the chapel is not a particular one, and is in no particular place. It is just there. Humble and simple and one needs to go beyond the plants which would normally have been rather insignificant, in order to discover the meaning of the profoundness beyond '
The plants possess extraordinary colours. Ones they do not normally bear. A cactus is red for instance, where normally it would have been decidedly green. It wants to be seen. It's ego wants to dominate. Here lies the meaning :

Can you walk through this unusually curly and twirly iconographic journey of intricate lines and simultaneously bright colours in stillness ?

As you do so, can you go beyond your own ego and that of others, and enter the realm within ?

Visit the Exhibition at Café Juliani in Hotel Juliani's Lobby, Spinola Bay, St.Julians.  On show till the end of January 2014.

Contact Joseph S. Gauci for more info regarding the collection, or (+356) 9942 4020.