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Little Red Riding Hood … & you know who…

Set in a snow-blasted Northern landscape the story follows the adventure of the chief’s daughter Little Red Riding Hood who is sent by her mother to check in on her grandmother who lives alone in the middle of an enchanted forest. However, no thanks to the mischievous plans of an evil soothsayer, what starts off as a simple errand soon becomes a deadly adventure by the light of the full moon.

Little Red Riding Hood & You Know Who brings traditional pantomime at its very best to the Manoel Theatre, Malta’s National Theatre. Produced by Masquerade, written by Malcolm Galea, and directed by Anthony Bezzina, this magical, fun-filled adventure is presented by a fabulous cast of characters and is bursting with catchy, sing-along songs! Choreography is by Lee McCallion, Vocal Coaching by Rachel Fabri and Costumes by Ernest Camilleri.

Families and children will get right up close to all of the action with loads of chances to cheer on Little Red Riding Hood, her friends The Three Little Pigs and boo the Big and very Bad Wolf!

Date of production: 21st  December 2013 – 5th January 2014

Little Red Riding Hood at the Manoel Theatre runs from Saturday 22 December to Sunday 5 January with shows at 3pm and 8pm. Tickets or 2124 6619. More or 7979 3737.