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A new steakhouse - Melita at SmartCity

A new steakhouse, Melita at SmartCity Malta will be opening its doors soon at the Laguna Walk, the hub within SmartCity Malta designed for families to spend quality time. 

Melita at SmartCity Malta will have a warm and pleasant ambience, and will serve a variety of different cuts of meat.  The restaurant aims to serve high-quality food at great value, and will have a seating arrangement for sixty people inside the restaurant and for another fifty people outside the restaurant. Both indoor and outdoor diners will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the lagoon while they enjoy a delicious meal.

Speaking about why Melita is opening at SmartCity Malta, the owner of the restaurant, Elton Borg said: “We believe the Laguna Walk within SmartCity Malta, once open, will be popular with the Maltese public due to its exquisite surroundings, good parking, the lagoon and the dancing fountain but also for its open space, and other facilities available in the district. Our restaurant should be well-positioned to cater for our clientele, situated as it is in a prime site in the Laguna Walk at SmartCity Malta.”