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Dazzle Troupe brings you - The Burlesque Inquisition

From the madcap team that brought you 'Burlesque Blitz' and a number of other Burlesque shows you may have caught on the island (or rather, that your friends caught and then made you feel bad for missing) comes yet another night of raunchy high-concept tomfoolery, this time traveling all the way back in time to the Middle Ages (or is that the Renaissance? You'll forgive us for the historical discrepancy - we never really were sticklers for this sort of thing)! 

Taking place at the highly 'evocative' venue of the Knigret Knight Club in Rabat, the Dazzle Troupe brings you 'The Burlesque Inquisition' - a show that does what it says on the tin. Actually no, it doesn't. Nobody is getting executed. Or are they? 

Picture the scene: a 'holy men' are charged with judging a group of heretics. Will they forgive their sins, or consign them to hell by auto-da-fe (that's 'human matchstick' for those not in the know). 

The heretics will dance, sing, and BE FUNNY for their supper (or rather, their life), while you can sit back and enjoy the show. 

The Dazzle Troupe always says this, but it's always true: the show will be different, dark and ultimately hilarious. We take your entertainment seriously, but that doesn't mean we're serious. 

Performers on the night include: Alex Vella Gregory, Joseph Zammit, Vee Stivala, Teodor Reljic, What's their names Theatre, Becky D'Ugo, Miriam Calleja, Marie Claire Pellegrini, Marie Claire Camilleri, Kevin Canter, Sarah Lanzon, Rambert Attard, Joe Depasquale and Yannick Massa

Tickets at 15 euros can be purchased by logging on to

For more info on the venue:

26, 27 April at 9pm 
Nigret Nightclub, Rabat