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Lunchtime Concerts - Programme 4th May 2014

Lunchtime Concerts are organised by the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts. These concerts provide a platform for up and coming instrumentalists and singers. Join us in the discovery of new talent.

4th May 2014 11am

Valhmor Montfort together with his students Bernice Musu’, Odelsie Camilleri and Michaela Cioffi will be performing some of the violin’s significant repertoire including Shostakovich’s 5 dances and Bruch’s Violin Concerto No. 1.

Programme 4th May 2014 11am

Violin: Valhmor Montfort, Bernice Musu, Odelsie Camilleri, Michaela Cioffi

Vivaldi: Sonata No. 1

Soloist: Bernice Musu’
Piano Accompanist: Sarah Mercieca

Schostakovich: 5 dances
Soloists: Odelsie Camilleri, Michaela Cioffi

Bruch: Violin Concerto No. 1 Op. 26
Allegro Moderato
Allegro Energico
Soloist: Valhmor Montfort
Piano Accompaniment: Esmeralda Galea 

Vahlmor Montfort started the violin at the age of 9 under the guidance of Carmelo Callus and later with the belated Claude Busuttil who was of a great influence to him. Following Claude’s unfortunate early departure, he continued his tuition with Christopher Muscat, obtaining various diplomas with Honours from the Trinity College of Music. He then pursued his studies at the ‘ESMUC’ Conservatory in Barcelona with Prof. Kai Gleusteen, at the Accademia Jacopo Napoli in Salerno with Prof. Marcello Canci and attended various master classes with Sventha Dannenberg, Sarah Spiteri & Carmine Lauri. He is a member of the MPO as from 2009.

Bernice Musu' started her musical studies with Valhmor Montfort on violin and Ray Sciberras in theory. She forms part of the Malta Youth Orchestra and is also currently a member of the Valletta Ensemble, a chamber orchestra for youth and children. Baroque music is her favourite, and in fact today she will be performing a sonata by Vivaldi. 

Michaela Cioffi started playing the violin at the age of 7. She studied with a number of teachers, and at present she is under the guidance of Valhmor Montfort. She played with various orchestras and ensembles such as the University Junior College Orchestra and the Valletta Ensemble amongst others. She is a member of the Malta Youth Orchestra which she joined in 2012. Michaela is currently studying construction engineering at an extended diploma level at MCAST Institute of Building and Construction Engineering.
Born in 1995 Odelsie Camilleri started her violin studies at a very young age. She completed her musical theory studies under Mro.Joe Vella and is currently undergoing her grade 8 practical studies under Valhmor Montfort. In 2012 Camilleri was chosen to form part of the Malta National Youth Orchestra. Camilleri also participated in various events, most recently placing second with De Bee in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest.