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What you Will - A Sea Dog`s Tale

Based on Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

"Where do you get your ideas?" is a question that most authors get asked during their career.  What if someone had asked the same question to William Shakespeare?  Where did he get his ideas from?  His plays have an incredible range for a glove-maker's son from Stratford-Upon-Avon, an issue that has long been contended.  This play does not try to answer the authorship debate, but it does explore one possible answer to the question of his inspiration. 

Young Will Shakespeare tries to convince a band of Sea Dogs to let him sail away with them, and in the course of an evening he is told a tale of love and intrigue, disguise and song, dukes and fools, shipwrecks and plots. Using ropes, barrels, storytelling, shadow-theatre and anything else that comes to hand, the actors will conjure the audience into the heart of a storm where twins are torn asunder and shipwrecked sailors are tossed upon a foreign shore.  This captivating and imaginative retelling of Twelfth Night is sure to enthrall and entertain audiences with its dynamic representation.

Price:  Eur 15

Early-bird discount:  Book by the 6th April 2014 and get your tickets at the reduced price of Eur 12.

Dates:  25 - 27 April, 1 - 4 May
Time:  8pm
Venue:  St. James Cavalier, Centre for Creativity

The production is part-funded by the Malta Arts Fund.