Airport Impressions Launch New Album - Mariette

Airport Impressions have just released their much awaited second album ‘Mariette’ at Casablanca. The album which was on pre-order for the last 2 weeks is now available for order on iTunes which is currently no.1 in the charts.

This album is the follow up to Airport Impressions’ first EP ‘Seeing with Eyes Closed’ released in 2009 and the album release of ‘Minutes of a Lifetime’ late in 2010. Whilst Minutes of Lifetime had undoubtedly raised the profile of Airport Impressions through popular single releases such as ‘Walk With Me’ and ’Elusive’, the band had continued to venture into new musical experiments to develop their sound.

Mariette includes a collection of versatile twelve songs featuring a variety of rock, pop, country and indie folk elements which all seem to find their own place and time in this record. Whilst the band has experimented well enough to grasp the listener with some surprises, the sound of Airport Impressions is maintained with the melodic vocal lines synonymous with the Band.

During the press conference launching the release of the album the Band explained how they have been working on the new material for the past two years. Also renowned  for their lyrical content , Mariette will surely not disappoint their fans . When asked, Errol explained ‘This album was written with both social and personal concepts which should be interesting as well as entertaining to the listener. The Album Concept revolves around positivity which is reflected in many of the tracks. We believe this feeling is also reverberated from the motherly feel expressed in the title track of the album ‘Mariette’. 

The band has once again collaborated with Howard Keith who has produced and mixed the album.  “This album reflects a more personal, mature and raw sound in comparison to the previous one. The song writing of this band is always at the forefront of decision making when it comes to production. Probably for that reason we’ve used a lot of acoustic guitars as the main back bone of each track." he added.

This Album Release was preceded by the first single release ‘Hymns of June’ and the most recent single release ‘Berlin’ which is currently riding the local airwaves. ‘Hymns of June’ was released with a music video filmed and produced in the UK. Meanwhile, the music video for Berlin which is being directed by locally renowned videographer Ian Schranz, is underway and will be released shortly.

The Band will soon also announce further details on a Special Live concert which will see the Band perform the full album ‘Mariette’ for the first time.
A brand new web site has also been launched where more info can be found.