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Newly refurbished Eden SuperBowl for the launch of the MTBA Gold Cup Open Tournament

Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youth and Sport Hon Chris Agius visits the newly refurbished Eden SuperBowl for the launch of the MTBA Gold Cup Open Tournament 

On Saturday the 26th April, the Hon Chris Agius visited the Eden SuperBowl to witness the start of the MTBA Gold Cup Open Tournament. He was greeted by Mr. Simon De Cesare Director of Operations at the Eden Leisure Group and MTBA president Mr. Paul Baldacchino. 

The day marked the start of the Gold Cup Open Tournament, the most popular local tournament which historically sees the largest number of participants. This year’s participation was particularly high with 47 participants. The Tournament is a handicap tournament which means it appeals to a wide cross-section of talent, as it offers a more level playing field, allowing intermediate level bowlers to compete well with those of a higher level.

Mr. De Cesare was also keen to tour the Honourable Mr. Agius around the facilities where the Group has recently invested some €60,000 in new equipment. This included the replacement of all twenty existing overhead scoring monitors with new 32” Phillips LED monitors, as well as the complete replacement of all of the furniture and flooring in the bowlers’ area with Ferrari Red, Pinifarina designed furniture from Italian company Switch Bowling. 
Mr. De Cesare welcomed the Honourable Mr. Agius stating that while the SuperBowl is a commercial entity with a focus on entertainment, the sport of bowling is one which we take pride in and one which we work hand in hand with the MTBA to make sure that it grows and gets it nationwide recognition as one of the sports the Maltese are most successful in. The Group continually invests in all its products and will continue to do so. 

Mr Neil Dent – manager at the Eden SuperBowl
Mr Paul Baldacchino - MTBA president
Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youth and Sport, the Honourable Mr. Chris Agius
Mr Simon De Cesare – Director of operations, Eden Leisure Group

Speaking to the attending press the Honourable Mr. Agius stated that he was impressed with the renovation of the facilities and was pleased with the collaboration that existed between the Malta Ten Pin Bowling Association and the Eden SuperBowl. The Parliamentary Secretary welcomes such collaborations with the private sector for the benefit of sports in Malta. He also expressed satisfaction over the high turnout of participants in this year’s Gold Cup. 

Eden SuperBowl
The SuperBowl opened in 1988 and is today the only 20 lane bowling alley in Malta. Organizers of the Malta Open Championships since 1992, which has in the past attracted close to 300 international participants. Senior Open since 1998 – has been attended by close to 250 bowlers per annum.

Bowling as a Sport
Malta Tenpin Bowling Association (MTBA) formed in 1975 by founding President, Julian Pace Bonello, (current President of the MOC), succeeded by Mr. Paul Baldacchino, June 2013.

Tenpin Bowling has brought more international honours than any other sport in Malta, among them the title of European Champion (Sue Abela, Israel 1999), 3 Commonwealth Silver medals plus 3 Bronze. 34 Gold medals from 17 editions of the Mediterranean Championships (plus 22 silver and 27 bronze.

After 17 editions of the Med Champs, Malta is still top of the medals table ahead of much larger countries with considerably more resources, such as Greece, Italy, France, Israel and Spain.

On a local level, Sue Abela has been awarded as Sportsperson of the Year on 4 occasions, having accumulated an array of top local honours too numerous to mention during her bowling career to date.