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Strummin` annual live music concert

Strummin` is an annual live music concert organised by Żgħażagħ Ħaddiema Nsara (ŻĦN). It features a guitar choir which strums along to popular songs in a bid to raise funds for a local charity. 

Strummin` Aims
- To empower young people 
- To help young people develop their talents and potential 
- To promote and raise funds for a good cause

ŻĦN Malta is part of the International Coordination of the Young Christian Workers. This project is in line with its mission to train young workers to give a meaning to their lives and to find responsible and just solutions to issues they face, at local, national and international levels.

Throughout the years, the concert, which is run solely by volunteers, has assisted charities such as Puttinu Cares, Richmond Foundation, Suret il-Bniedem Foundation and the Malta Community Chest Fund, whilst being a launching platform for Maltese talent. The project relies on money received through donations, sponsors and ticket sales. 

The project has become increasingly successful at harnessing youth potential into creative projects. The concert is the final culmination of over 1200 man hours with 120 volunteers working in coordinated teams. Strummin’ is also a unique nurturer of fresh local talent.

Through the involvement of experienced and trained group leaders, who volunteer their time and knowledge, the project brings together talent and enthusiasm, whilst creating an awareness of different social issues present in the local community.

Strummin’ 2014 has kicked off and we are presenting "Strummin’ for Change" on the 7th and 8th November.