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An exhibition of Oil Paintings

Once upon a time, then more than twice within perception and then again once upon the canvas, the artworks of Seyran Gasparyan embrace testimonies of his life experience, the life he distinguishes or used to. They stage scenes from folk tales, legends and myths, or  rom a peasant's, farmer's or builder's position in everyday life.

What is fixed on the surface in Seyran's works is 'the atmosphere'. Colours and shapes evoke figures suspended in their own right time and their own worlds; you are able to perceive them wandering in their orbit; however, they will not look at you directly in the eyes.

Seyran is an artist, who has a specific point of view, a worldview that is generated from the values he was grown up with, and shaped within the framework of a culture, which have a  lear definition of what is good and what is bad - the Armenian culture.

In his artworks, we do not see a peasant, we see THE peasant. We do not see a mother carrying her son, but rather we see THE mother carrying her son as if he intends to depict the concept of motherhood; his inherited image and concept of motherhood in this case.

The technique and the style he uses to express his story varies - it is not persistent. By observing his works we notice traces of a cubist's, of a fauvist's or (in his landscapes) of an impressionist's manners and modes. He does not defend one style over the other; instead, he keeps on going through them, and he employs them all with remarkable ability.

I would consider his approach similar to that of a constructor. By constructing his time (making art) he constructs spaces inside his art, brick by brick, line by line, stroke by stroke. You will not see an inaccurate part in his pictures, neither unfinished nor bare sections in
those well-equilibrated compositions, in colour and in form. Once upon a time, then more than twice within perception and then “constructed”
upon the canvas...

Tamar Hayduke
November 2014

Seyran Gasparyan was born on 23rd January 1956 in the region of Shirak. His family moved to Yerevan when he was four. After finishing secondary school, he served with the Soviet Army for several years in Czechoslovakia. He later graduated from Terlemezyan Art College - Department of Pictorial Art - in 1979 and from Yerevan Institute of Fine Arts and Theatre - Department of Decorative and Applied Arts - in 1985. In 1998, he became a
member of the Artists' Union of Armenia.

Visit Seyran Gasparyan – An exhibition of oil paintings at SO Galerie, Triq Dun Karm, Iklin from Thursday 20 November 2014 till 31 January 2015.  Opening hours are Monday to Thursday from 10am till 1pm, and 4pm till 6pm, Friday till Sunday by appointment.

Contact Joseph S. Gauci for more info regarding the exhibition on, or (+356) 9942 4020.