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Winter Salon 2014

As part of their ongoing projects and exhibitions, Studio 104 proudly announce their first ‘Salon’ style exhibition entitled ‘Winter Salon 2014’. The idea behind this exhibition is to invite a relatively large number of artists, and invite them to exhibit one or two works each at a fixed price and no gallery commission on sold works. This supports the artists to sell at their normal studio prices while giving them the opportunity to exhibit in a gallery in Valletta during the festive season. 

The artists were given total freedom with regards to subject matter portrayed in their artwork as no theme was set for this exhibition, thus aiming to have an eclectic outcome of styles and subjects from so many different artists.

Participating artists:

Mario Agius, Victor Agius, Arthur Aquilina, Hazel Ashley, Ray Axiaq, Gabriella Azzopardi, Maria Borg, Alex Cachia, Carl Caruana, Emmanuel Caruana, Mariz Cassar, Nathalie Debono,
Arthur Dutton, Henry Falzon, Louise Fenech, Francis Galea, Nicolette Galea, Lara Manara, Franco Navarro, Lara Pace, Mario Sammut, Darren Tanti, Maria Tonna & Lewis Wirth

Opening hours:
Wednesday & Thursday 16:00 - 19:00
Friday & Saturday 11:30 - 19:00

Studio 104, Fine Art Space, Valletta