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The Other Door - What's wrong, Why not?

Exposing bodies, Uprooting routines, intertwined relationships, What's Wrong, Why Not....The very notions set by society are stripped to their core to expose The Other......this performance aims to establish alternative possibilities of the socio-cultural construct.

Within the concepts of gender and culture, it provides a fluid interpretation that analyses notions of ambiguity. Arguably, The Other has the potential to challenge the simplistic overview as being merely framed by male and female binaries. This piece explores the possibility that, when devoid of the social layering of constructed binaries, the body has the potential to reveal transcribed texts that are more deeply embodied, creating a fluid experiential body of ambiguity. 

Throughout the production, the body is considered to be an unfinished entity, constantly evolving to expose a new Other.

1st, 2nd, 3rd May 2015
Teatru Manoel  8..00pm