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Behind Enemy Lines - A thematic musical concert

The Maria Mater Gratiæ Philharmonic Society of Zabbar will this year be presenting the musical concert ‘Behind Enemy Lines’; a concert related to the famous wars and battles fought throughout the ages, particularly highlighting the 450th anniversary from the Great Siege of Malta and the 70th anniversary from the end of World War II. Imagery and spectacle will be part of the show which will include various renowned musical pieces including: ‘Parade of the Charioteers’ from the film ‘Ben Hur’, the main theme from ‘Braveheart’, the brand new composition by Mro. Ray Sciberras; ‘The Fall of Fort St. Elmo’ and ‘The Blue and the Gray’; a musical potpourri of popular songs from the American Civil War era.

The Singer Ritienne Azzopardi will accompany the band during the interpretation of the songs, ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary’ and ‘Lili Marleen’, while violinist Dr. Jurgen Abela will be the solo for the theme from ‘Schindler’s List’. Other musical pieces will include the main themes from the films ‘Pearl Harbor’, ‘Saving Private Ryan’, ’Ride of the Valkyries’ and the ‘Imperial March’ from the Star Wars Saga.
The band will be under the direction of Mro. Kevin Mizzi B.Sc.(Hons.), M.Sc., LLCM, with the comperes being Mr. Mario Micallef and Mrs. Graziella Mizzi.

The concert will be held on Saturday 16th May 2015 at the Notre Dame Theatre in Zabbar

We would like to invite you for this audio visual show which will start at 7:30pm. The entrance is free of charge whilst donations are very much appreciated. 

Reservations can be booked on , by email on or on 7967 8309.