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Karmen Azzopardi back on stage - Faith Hope u Charity

After the SELL OUT success of last year’s production of KAPPILLAN TA’ MALTA, Stagun Teatru Malti returns to the MALTA ARTS FESTIVAL at  Fort St. ELMO with another new original play in Maltese by Immanuel Mifsud and directed by Josette Ciappara. Maestro Dominic Galea has written an original score and will also be playing live at the Fort. 

“The success of Kappillan revealed there is a market for Maltese nostalgia. That is why we opted to bring it back in this years outdoor production for the Malta Arts Festival” says producer Mario Philip Azzopardi.  “We’ve learned a lot regarding logistics and working outside at Fort St Elmo. This time around, all actors will have hidden microphones to boost dialogue guarantying perfect sound, whatever the wind conditions are.”

Perhaps the biggest coup for this lavish production is the return to the Maltese stage, after an absence of almost ten years,  of Karmen Azzopardi. “I am so glad i was offered. I was starting to doubt whether I’d ever get back on stage. The very first day i attend rehearsals I was given such a wonderful welcome from my colleagues. Thanks to the producers and my wonderful director Josette Ciappara, I went through those first moments of doubt with much trepidation but once we started work, it all came back. It’s exhilerating, and I am enjoying myself tremendously.  This has given me a new lease on life.” 

FAITH HOPE U CHARITY is a war story. Not so much about the three legendary Gloucester planes which formed the entire Maltese airforce against the might of the Italian Aereonautica, but more    about three young wonderful people caught in the terrible tragedy of the war.

William Timber Woods, who was the pilot (played by Carlos Farrugia) who flew Charity downs an Italian Pilot (Davide Tucci) who lands in a garden of a villa owned by Contessa Fiorini Sacco  (played by Monica Attard). Her grand daughter, Maria (Sarah Camilleri) takes care of the wounded Italian who is later visited in hospital by Timber Woods.  Both men are drawn to Maria and the relationships that ensue are the subject of this wonderful, nostalgic bitter sweet play.

“It is so wonderful to return to this kind of theatrical entertainment” comments Karmen Azzopardi. In a world full of uncertainties, dubious entertainment and violent times, it is great to have the opportunity to return to a wonderful old fashioned story, penned by one of our best writers, Immanuel Mifsud. It is a story about love, respect, duty and honour. It is going to be a great summer evening out, without having to worry about controversy, shock and  confusing messages. Finally. A love storty. How original!!!

This is the tenth original production by Stagun Teatru Malti. Ten world premiers in seven years!

FAITH HOPE u CHARITY will have its premier on July 22nd and will run for a total of 8 outdoor performances, (22nd, 24th 25th 26th. 29th 31st July and 1st and 2nd August)  Booking is open at the Manoel Theatre.