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IL LUMINATI ko me di xo!

IL LUMINATI will make history by performing comedy for the first time ever in Malta!

You heard right - comedy! With these IL LUMINATI you're in for a real treat and a bellyful of laughs!

Wait a minute ... WHY are they meeting in the sunny isle of Malta? Hmmm ... why indeed?

With brand new hilarious characters ranging from Gregorja Garrone who, at her ripe old age, is finding life a tad peculiar, to Lee Tas Srum who is struggling to open a new business at any cost, but will the cost be too much, getting herself involved with dodgy investors? Maybe she will need help from Klunku Tal-Pitrol who has found an unusual and wacky way to stay alive! Not to mention Robert and his students of Klassi Ghalina who have plunged to new depths of depravity of being up to no good! What will they do next? 

Sooooo … how will our humble hero Roger il-Lodger survive these and other mentalists who come knocking on his door? Will he survive? Or become institutionalised?

To find out the answers and more, come & see IL LUMINATI ko me di xo!
Snits, Malcolm Galea, Lee-N Abela, Chris X Grech, Toni tal-Van, Klassi Ghalina will reveal all in this side-splitting, roaring with laughter, new comedy show at the University Theatre on the 4th, 5th, 6th September 2015.

Get your tickets now on or call on 99060906!