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D.O.K for the Malta Arts Festival

Moveo Dance Company is currently working on a new production D.O.K for the Malta Arts Festival

The underlying element of  'D.O.K' is to create an all Maltese work - rooted in Maltese artistic legacy. It is an alliance between Maltese artists: Myself (Dorian Mallia ) as choreographer and director , Soprano Miriam Cauchi, Musicians Simon Abdilla Joslin and Albert Garzia who is also in charge of all the music arrangements, together with Moveo dancers. Inspired by the quintessential music of Charles Camilleri. 

D.O.K gives a Joint interpretation between all the artist as equal partners - a harmonious experience where the expression of dance, voice and music come together. This leads to a commitment of teamwork, exploration and interdisciplinary practice.

I do hope that this is of interest to you as our aim at the school is to show collaboration between disciplines

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This event will take place on the 13th July.
Thank you for all the support.

Dorian Mallia

Artistic Director,
Moveo Dance Company