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Notti Italiani a Malta

CMC Promotions proudly presents a first ever show for Malta, featuring 14 internationally famed artists who paved the way to what Italian music is today.

Both shows will be held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta.

This once in a lifetime experience will be spread over two nights, on December 12 and December 13, 2016 featuring over 80 tracks from a few of the best Italian artists of all time. Both concerts will be hosted by Italian artist and TV personality Enzo Ghinazzi known as ''Pupo''

CMC Promotions is offering the Maltese public a chance to live memories of yesterday and enjoy the sounds of what music was in the 60s, 70s and the 80s. The first show is earmarked for Monday, December 12, with the following artists:

Aleandro Baldi, singer-songwriter and composer born on 11 April, 1959 in Florence, began playing the guitar as an autodidact while he was at the Reggio Emilia College for the Blind. He debuted in 1986, entering Sanremo with "La nave va". He won Sanremo with the song "Passera" in 1994.

Christian, born in Palermo on September 8, 1945. He was a footballer with Mantova, but prefered to develop a career in singing. His fame sky-rocketed with songs such as "Un'altra vita un altro amore",'' Daniela'' "Abbracciami amore mio" and "Cara".

Eduardo Vianello, composer & actor, born in Rome, on June 24, 1938 is considered one of the most popular Italian singers of the sixties selling over 50 million records worldwide. His most successful songs include "Abbronzatissima" and "O mio signore" and "I Watussi".

Homo Sapiens is pop-rock group, mainly successful in the seventies. The group had their first success in 1975 with the ballad "Tornerai tornerai". The group won the 1977 edition of Sanremo with the song "Bella da morire". After a further success with the song "Io e Te Stasera", the group disbanded in the early 1980s, then reunited in 1990.

Iva Zanicchi, is not only a pop singer but also a TV Presenter and politician. Born in Reggio Emilia on January 18, 1940. She has a powerful, soulful, mezzo-soprano voice. Her most successful songs include "Zingara", "Come ti vorrei", "Fra noi" and "La mia solitudni".

Marco Morandi, son of Gianni Morandi and actress Laura Efrikian was born on February 12, 1974. He participated in Sanremo in 2002. He will be covering songs by the late Rino Gaetano, such as world-wide known ‘Gianna’ and Il-Clielo e Sempre Piu Blue’.

Donatello Rettore, who is also a songwriter was born on July 8, 1955 in Treviso. She became successful  in 1979, and for about five years she was the most popular and best-selling artist in Italy, second to Mina. Her most popular hits are, "Splendido splendente" , "Kobra"', "Donatella", and "Io Ho Te".

The second Italian Festival at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, is scheduled for Tuesday, December 13, with the following artists:

Wilma Goich, born in Savona on October 16, 1945. From her early years she has showed her eagerness for singing. Her career reached its peak during the 1965 edition of Sanremo with the song "Le colline sono in Fiore".

Ivana Spagna, gained International fame in the 80’s with the launch of her ‘Easy Lady’ and ‘Call Me’ which she wrote. In Italy and Malta, she is also popular for songs such as ''Gente come noi'', "Siamo in due", "E io penso a te", "Lupi solitari", "Indivisibili", and "Dov'eri". Ivana Spagna was born in Verona on December 16, 1954 and is still active in her music career till this very day.

Cugini di Campagnia, is a pop band formed in 1970 in Rome. The band achieved success with its first single, "Il ballo di Peppe". In 1973 the band gained more success with the song "Anima mia", then they achieved a series of commercial hits until the early eighties.

Rosanna Fratello, Born on 26 March 1951 in Foggia, is a singer and actress. Fratello emerged as a singer in 1969, when she took part in Sanremo with the song "Il treno" and obtained her first commercial
success with the song "Non sono Maddalena".

Fiordaliso, a pop rock singer born in Piacenza sold over 6 million records. Her major achievements are  songs like "Oramai" and "Non voglio mica la luna" which are linked to Sanremo, in which she had participated 9 times between 1982 and 2002. Outside the Festival, her main hit was the song "Cosa ti farei".

Fausto Leali,  born in Brescia on October 29, 1944 remains forever famous for his rough and aggressive voice, in sharp contrast with Italian melody conventions. Due to his voice, he is nicknamed "The black white" ("Negro bianco"). His major hits include:"Mi manchi", "A chi", "Io amo", and "Angeli negri".

Tony Dallara, a singer, actor and TV personality born at Campobasso on June 30, 1936 published his first ever single back in 1957. ‘Come Prima’ sold over 300,000 copies and in 1960 Dallara won Sanremo with
the song "Romantica".  Another popular hit was "Bambina bambina".

CMC Promotions is giving you a great opportunity to enjoy something which is a first for Malta. Fourteen fantastic Italian artists, spread over two nights under one roof - surely a treat for this coming festive season.

CMC Promotions is currently offering ‘Early Bird Prices’ which include a 10.00 Euro discount on tickets bought till the 31st of October 2016. For a limited period one can avail him/herself from a 15.00 Euro worth of products from Cosmoline Ltd, makers of ‘Nonna Piu’, which will be given to those attending any one of the concerts. On the other hand we are giving a heavy discount on ‘block tickets’ which gives access to both concerts. Tickets out soon from or by calling ticket hotline 99821250.