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Qormi Wine Festival - 12th Edition

The Qormi Wine Festival is back with a bigger line-up!

The 12th edition of the Qormi Wine Festival is set to be the biggest ever, presenting a huge number of attractions, massive concerts spread on two days, a wide range of Maltese wines, various food stalls, competitions and much more.

This open air festival will be organized on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd of September in Main Street Qormi, next to the St. George’s Parish Church, from 7:30pm till late.

This year the Qormi Wine Festival will feature local duo Xarulu’ and the popular act from Gozo, Cash & Band who will be the main attraction on Friday night. While at the chill-out area the band led by Christian Arding will present a two-hour non-stop concert.

On Saturday Gianni & Papps will warm-up the crowd for another concert, this time by Mark Spiteri Lucas and Band, featuring Kaya, Ivan Spiteri Lucas, Ludwig Galea, Neville Refalo and Chiara. The chill-out are will be hosted by Julie Pomorski and Xarulu’.

The Qormi Wine Festival is not just music; it is a massive event for food and wine lovers. This year the organizers will the presenting different food stalls, ranging from pork platters, chicken with baked potatoes, the Maltese traditional ftira, wraps, penne and fried ravjul. Another addition for this year will be the freshly baked pizza, especially created for this event.

The Qormi Wine Festival is again teaming up with Marsovin to present the most exclusive wines produced locally. The wine list will include Ċittadella, La Vallette, Verdala Rose’, La Torre, 1919 abnd the whole Caravaggio range. There will be also other wines like Sottovoce Rose’, Ulysses and Odyssey. 

This year the festival will be introducing a tocken system to puschase wines.

The souvenir wine glass, which will be yours to keep, can be purchased for €15. This price will also include 20 tockens. More additional tockens will be available for €1 each.

This system will allow punters to use the souvenir glass on both days of the festival. One can also buy full bottles from the wine stalls. 

12th edition will introduce a new concept for wine enthusiasts; the Wine Tasting Sessions. These session on both days of the festival will be held every hour between 8pm and 11pm, at the price of €6.

Those present will be given 3 different wines to taste, under the profession guidance of Marsovin wine experts.

On Friday, a seperate Wine Competition will be held along Main Street. This competition is open for people how produce home-made wines, and will award the best wines in different categories. For more information one can call 7906 2455.

Other attractions include the majestic Parish Church and a World War II shelter which will be open for the public. At the shelter, the group 4Teenth Productions will present ‘Tour du Ciel’ – a satirical production revolving around popular culture in Maltese villages, the local saints and more.

The Qormi Wine Festival is organized by Kumitat Festi Esterni, with the help of the Qormi Local Council and the Secretariat for Agriculture and Fisheries.

The event location can be easily reached by public transport, or by private cars. There will be parking available at Valley Road.