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RADAM - A Unique Bilingual Event… for all the family

What do these have in common: the bomb that fell on the Mosta Rotunda exactly 75 years ago, the seven deadly sins, the ingredients that produce the scents in our churches & Holy Week exhibitions, the constant news of war, corruption …? 

All this will be placed in a theatrical context on Sunday, 9th April, Palm Sunday, where the village of Gharghur will be transformed into a theatrical space by the DWAL GODDA theatre troupe, in an event which combines a script which is original every year together with the traditional Good Friday procession. This year, the event has been given the title of RADAM (debris). 

Main details:
Date: Sunday, 9 April 2017
Time: 4.30-9.30pm
Place: Gharghur pjazza & streets
Price: FREE

4.30pm – a group of over 70 actors commence the 1st act of RADAM on a huge stage set up purposely on Gharghur's church parvis;

6pm – the 1st act is concluded with commencement of the traditional Good Friday procession as it leaves the church to mingle amongst the streets and audience of Gharghur;

8pm – the actors that also formed part of the procession resume their role on stage while bringing to a halt the statutes and ‘breathing life’ into them during the 2nd act of RADAM. 

9pm - This leads to the crucifixion of Jesus right in the Gharghur 'pjazza' and... the end?

The play is bilingual, so that the English-speaking audience can follow.
Further detail is available on:
RADAM event page
DWAL GODDA’s Facebook page