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How to be Maltese in an hour - Comedy show

“How to be Maltese in an hour” is a unique comedy show written, directed and produced by The Comedy Island that is set to teach visitors to our island all about the weird and wonderful traits of the Maltese – the greatest (!) people on earth!

What is “The Comedy Island?”

The Comedy Island is a fresh new initiative put together by Steve Hili and Wesley Ellul. Steve is a professional Maltese comedian and comedy writer based in London, and Wesley is Malta’s top Comedy Producer with hits such as The annual “Comedy Knights” show and “Rock of Ages”.


There are lots of shows that talk about the great history and culture of our country. However there is very little that actually gets into the nitty-gritty of what it means to be Maltese – warts and all! This is the show that does just that. From food to the festa, via politics and the national obsession with the Eurovision this show will make you understand what being Maltese is really about!

About the show

The show is about an hour and 15 minutes long (the Maltese are notoriously bad at time keeping) and features a cast of three top Maltese actors, although the audience is also encouraged to get involved.

“How to be Maltese in an hour” will be held in the Vault theatre at the Valletta Waterfront every Wednesday and Sunday throughout summer, starting on July 19th 2017!