Min Hu l-Malti? Exhibition

Min Hu l-Malti?" (Who is the Maltese?) is a digital installation representing migration in Malta, both present  and past, economic and political, will be exhibited at the Malta Postal Museum for the duration of 2 weeks, organised by the Malta UNESCO Youth Association and Sara Pace Artworks.

This project started out as a personal question, by Sara Pace, into her own background and genealogical roots. She was prompted to follow this research by questions asked about where she is from. Sara was asked this question both when she was abroad as well as from foreigners living in Malta and sometimes even by other Maltese while in Malta. They always replied to my answer by saying ‘But you don’t look Maltese!’. This made her look at herself critically, asking both what instigated people into believing she was from another country and what makes a person be from one particular country and not another. 

Is it language, accent, looks, hairstyle, body type, clothing or the way one holds themselves; their body language, that makes a person belong to a particular country?

Malta as a small island country has always been a cultural melting pot, where various people, due to it being in the centre of ancient trade routes, have come to settle and stay over the centuries. This is reflected both in the Maltese language, its’ cultural heritage, architecture, its’ peoples’ character, and their various and sometimes opposing physical characteristics. These similarities and differences raised the question of Min hu l-Malti? - Who is the Maltese person?

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