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Il-Klassi tas-Surmast: Claudia Contin Arlecchino

Lectures, masterclasses, and performances by an Arlecchino - how does that sound? Teatru Malta is hosting the flagship event for the UNESCO World Day for Commedia dell'Arte. 

For this occasion Teatru Malta invited world-acclaimed Commedia Dell’Arte master Claudia Contin. She will be sharing her knowledge on Commedia Dell’Arte throughout the whole weekend, in collaboration with SAT, The Department of Theatre Studies - University of Malta, MCAST, and ZARARTI Malta Cultural Association. 

Dates: 23rd to 26th February 2018
Venue: Robert Sammut Hall 
Masterclass Director: Claudia Contin Arlecchino 
Co-Producer: ZARARTI
Collaborators: Theatre Studies Department University of Malta, & SAT
Manager: Mireille Estelle Camilleri