The Myth - latest single ‘Tonight

The Travellers’ next summer single – ‘Tpenġijiet’

After the success of their album launch ‘Iljuni fis-Silġ’, The Travellers are gearing up to
launch their 3 rd single from their debut album: ‘Tpenġijiet’.

‘Tpenġijiet’ is about meeting new people, being young and living free. More importantly, it
is about enjoying life as it is, in good company, and without a care in the world.
With the electric guitar taking the lead part in the song, it is evident that The Travellers’
signature sound is evolving and changing. For the first time, the brass section is used in a
rhythmic and dance-influenced manner; something fresh that hints towards a more lively,
and summery vibe.

The music video that goes along with the song takes us back to the 70’s, where a couple of
friends camp out together and have a good time. Apart from the upbeat, groovy rhythm of
the song that goes well with the 70’s throwback, it seemed more than fitting to go back to
this much simpler time to describe the feeling that ‘Tpenġijiet’ gives off.

The Travellers will be headlining a number of big events this summer. Without a doubt they
will be showcasing their single ‘Tpenġijiet’, together with tracks from their latest album,
‘Iljuni fis-Silġ’. Not to mention, their classic tunes from their EP, ‘Xemx u Xita’.

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