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Marian Oratorio by the Sliema Band

As part of the Celebrations to celebrate the 100 years of the parish and the Solemn Coronation of the Statue of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Sliema, the Sliema Philharmonic Society together with the Franciscan Friars and the Feast Commission of the same parish are holding a Marian Oratorio "To Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Jesus" composed by Mro Joseph Magri by the Sliema Band. 

This Vocal and Musical Programme shall be held on Friday 28th September 2018 at 7.30pm at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Sliema. 

The "Sliema" Band will be conducted by its bandmaster Mro Lesley Tabone and shall be accompanied by the well known "Coro Bel Canto" lead by Mro Hermann Farrugia Frantz together with soprano Claire Caruana, tenor Charles Vincenti and baritone Ivan Vella. 

This Marian Oratorio composed by Mro Joseph Magri has lyrics by poets Fr. Mariano Vella OFM and Fr. Profs. Anastasio Cuschieri OC. It is an original oratorio written for band and singers and was premiered 20 years ago by the "Sliema" Band at the Republic Hall of the Mediterrenean Conference Centre in Valletta. It consists of a "Prelude and Introductory Choir" ; "Aria for Soprano" ; "Choir - Fuga a 4 voci" ; "Romanza for tenor and choir" ; "Terzetto for soloists" ; "Fuga finale with 4 voices" ; "Jubiloso - Gran Finale".

The Vocal and Musical Programme will begin with an introductory hymn composed by Mro Lesley Tabone and written by Fr Sandro Overand OFM followed by the inauguration of a new banner by the Sliema Philharmonic Society designed by Ronald Pisani made for the special occasion of the Solemn Coronation of the Statue of Our Lady. The Marian Oratorio then follows. Programme will end with the Coronation Hymn composed by Mro Joseph Galea and written by Fr Norbert Ellul Vincenti, Domenico Quercetti's Popular Hymn "Viva Dejjem" with lyrics by Fr Profs Anastasio Cuschieri OC and finally Mro Cardenio Botti's Inno "Sliema" with lyrics by Profs Luigi Billion. 

Programme will be presented by Antoinette Falzon and Mario Fenech. 

This Special Vocal and Musical Programme is held with the special collaboration of the Parliamentary Secretariat for Youths, Sports and Voluntary Organisations presented to the Society by Parliamentary Secretary Clifton Grima who thanked the "Sliema" Band for the hard work done.